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Hello and welcome to my website!

UPDATE: I am organizing a SITE conference July 25-26 at Stanford on "Trade and Finance" with Juliane Begenau (Stanford GSB), Adrien Matray (Stanford GSB), and Linda Goldberg (Federal Reserve Bank of NY). The conference will feature papers on international economics, finance, and banking.
Please submit here. Deadline is April 15, 2024.

My research is on international macroeconomics and finance, banking, trade, and macroeconomics, often through the lens of economic history.

I am affiliated with the NBER, CEPR, SIEPR, and the King Center. I am an Associate Editor at the Journal of Political Economy.

Please email me if you are interested in part-time research assistance opportunities.


"Reshaping Global Trade: The Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Bank Failures"

Quarterly Journal of Economics (2022)

Bibtex   •   Abstract   •   Draft   •   Online Appendix

Publisher Version (Open Access)

Awards: AQR Top Finance Graduate Award, BlackRock Applied Research Prize Finalist, French Finance Association Research Prize, Economic History Society New Researcher Prize, World Economic History Congress Poster Prize

Media: Econimate VideoTrade Talks PodcastTelegraph UKEconomistMicroeconomic InsightsHoover InstituteStanford GSB Insights

"Banking Crises in Historical Perspective"

Annual Review of Financial Economics (2023)

with Carola Frydman
Bibtex   •   Abstract   •   Draft  •   Slides

Publisher Version (Open Access)

Media: Alternatives Economiques


[Updated] "Real Effects of Supplying Safe Private Money"

Journal of Financial Economics, R&R

with He Yang
Bibtex   •   Abstract   •   Draft

Awards: WFA Cubist Systematic Strategies PhD Candidate Award for Outstanding Research

Media: VoxEUStanford GSB Insights

[Updated] "Liquidity, Debt Denomination, and Currency Dominance"

with Antonio Coppola and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Bibtex   •   Abstract  •   Draft

Media: Stanford GSB Insights

[New] "EXIM's Exit: The Real Effects of Trade Financing by Export Credit Agencies"

with Poorya Kabir, Adrien Matray, and Karsten Mueller
Bibtex   •   Abstract  •   Draft

Media: VoxEU

"The Financing Channel of Gains From Trade"

with Carlos Burga and Adrien Matray

"Origins of Serial Sovereign Default"

with Sasha Indarte

Funding: NSF Grant #2117003

"International Banks: Re-Agents of Globalization"

with Wilfried Kisling and Chris M. Meissner

Funding: British Academy Leverhulme Grant

Other Writing

"The Dirty Little Secret of Credit Card Rewards Programs"

New York Times Op-Ed (2023)

with Jeffrey Reppucci
Article   •   Video

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