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Hello and welcome to my website!

My research is on international macroeconomics and finance, banking, trade, and macroeconomics, often through the lens of economic history.

I am affiliated with the NBER, CEPR, SIEPR, and the King Center. I am an Associate Editor at the Journal of Political Economy.

Please email me if you are interested in part-time research assistance opportunities.


"Reshaping Global Trade: The Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Bank Failures"

Quarterly Journal of Economics (2022)

Bibtex   •   Abstract   •   Draft   •   Online Appendix

Publisher Version (Open Access)

Awards: AQR Top Finance Graduate Award, BlackRock Applied Research Prize Finalist, French Finance Association Research Prize, Economic History Society New Researcher Prize, World Economic History Congress Poster Prize

Media: Econimate VideoTrade Talks PodcastTelegraph UKEconomistMicroeconomic InsightsHoover InstituteStanford GSB Insights

"Banking Crises in Historical Perspective"

Annual Review of Financial Economics (2023)

with Carola Frydman
Bibtex   •   Abstract   •   Draft

Publisher Version (Open Access)

Media: Alternatives Economiques


[Updated] "Real Effects of Supplying Safe Private Money"

Journal of Financial Economics, R&R

with He Yang
Bibtex   •   Abstract   •   Draft

Awards: WFA Cubist Systematic Strategies PhD Candidate Award for Outstanding Research

Media: VoxEUStanford GSB Insights

[Updated] "Liquidity, Debt Denomination, and Currency Dominance"

with Antonio Coppola and Arvind Krishnamurthy
Bibtex   •   Abstract  •   Draft

Media: Stanford GSB Insights

[New] "EXIM's Exit: The Real Effects of Trade Financing by Export Credit Agencies"

with Poorya Kabir, Adrien Matray, and Karsten Mueller
Bibtex   •   Abstract  •   Draft

"The Financing Channel of Gains From Trade"

with Carlos Burga and Adrien Matray

"Origins of Serial Sovereign Default"

with Sasha Indarte

Funding: NSF Grant #2117003

"International Banks: Re-Agents of Globalization"

with Wilfried Kisling and Chris M. Meissner

Funding: British Academy Leverhulme Grant

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