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Job market papers in International Finance

Following Jonathan Dingel's lists of JMPs in international trade and spatial economics, I have put together a list for international finance. They are listed alphabetically by university, and then first name. Please fill out this form if you know of a paper that is missing from this list.


Jingye Wang (BU) - Currency Risk and Capital Accumulation
Emile Marin (Cambridge) - The Hegemon's Dilemma
Lidia Smitkova (Cambridge) - Competitiveness, ‘Superstar’ Firms and Capital Flows: The North-South Divide in Pre-Crisis Europe
Ahmed Ahmed (Chicago) - Foreign Institutional Investors, U.S. Monetary Policy, and Reaching for Yield
Paul Bouscasse (Columbia) - Canst Thou Beggar Thy Neighbour? Evidence from the 1930s
Zhou Fan (Cornell) - Credit Cycles and Asset Price Bubbles"
Antonio Coppola (Harvard) - In Safe Hands: The Financial and Real Impact of Investor Composition Over the Credit Cycle
Gabriel Levin Konigsberg (Harvard) - Risk-management and Narrow Framing
Hillary Stein (Harvard) - Got Milk? The Effect of Export Price Shocks on Exchange Rates
Marcus Biermann (Louvain) - Tracing the International Transmission of a Crisis Through Multinational Firms
Maria Aristizabal-Ramirez (Michigan) - Dynamics of Corporate Credit Markets, Employment, and Wages: Evidence from Colombia
Stelios Fourakis (Minnesota) - Sovereign Debt and Government Reputation
Xiaohan Zhang (Minnesota) - Multinational production, intangible capital, and structural change in the U.S.
Fatih Kansoy (Nottingham) - FOMC Minutes: As a Source of Monetary Policy Surprise
Beata Gafka (Oxford) - Mind the (trade) gap! Stock market implications of barriers to trade
Tatjana Schulze (Oxford) - Corporate Credit Risk and Capital Flows in Emerging Market Economies
Jaime Leyva (PSE) - Sudden Stops: Consequences, Asymmetries and Policy Implications
Tianchen Song (Rochester) - Multinationals Expansion, Shareholding Choice, and Local Know-How
Ciaran Rogers (Stanford) - Quantitative Easing and Local Banking Systems in the Euro Area
Nayib Rene Zamarripa (UC Irvine) - Parameter instabilities and monetary policy in a Small Open Economy: Evidence from an estimated model for the UK
Ljubica Georgievska (UCLA Anderson) - Currency Crashes and Sovereign Defaults: Two Risks But Only One Insurance Needed
Tristan Jourde (Université Paris Dauphine) - The Long-Term Effect of Globalization on International Stock Return Comovements
Hanjo (Terry) Kim (Vanderbilt) - Entrepreneurs, Sudden Stops, and Inequality
Thu Tran (Vanderbilt) - Financial constraints and trade intermediation
Rachel Lee (Virginia) - How Does a Budget Rule Affect Sovereign Default Incentives and Welfare?
Kyongjun Kwak (Washington) - Title: Optimal Tax Rates on Gross Capital Flows
Yida Li (Washington) - Covered Interest Rate Parity Deviation and Global Banks Dollar Funding
Annie Soyean Lee (Wisconsin) - Why Do Emerging Economies Borrow in Foreign Currency? The Role of Exchange Rate Risk
Joao Paulo Valente (Yale) - The Role of Beliefs in Asset Prices: Evidence from Exchange Rates
John Finlay (Yale) - Exporters, Credit Constraints, and Misallocation

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