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In progress: Global Banking from 1850--1990

Description: banking offices around the world linked to headquarters (bilateral panel of cross-border banking connections) and annual headquarter bank balance sheets

In progress: Industry composition of bilateral international trade from 1850--1940

Description: historical annual analog to UN Comtrade

Coming soon: International trade from 1850--2020

Description: extension of the 1850--1914 dataset with contemporary country entities and borders after 1914

International trade from 1850--1914

Description: nominal values for standardized country borders in millions of pounds sterling
Citation   •   Download Stata file   •   Full documentation

Exposure to British bank failures after 1866 Overend & Gurney crisis

Description: city-level lending and shift-share exposure to bank failures. Full description and documentation in "Reshaping Global Trade" replication package
Citation   •   Download Stata file   •   Full documentation

Full Replication Package for "Reshaping Global Trade" (QJE)

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"Historical Data Sources in International Macro Finance"

NBER IFM Data Sources and Stanford Big Data Initiative in International Macro Finance

Slides (Last update: Dec, 2021)   •   Video (Aug, 2021)

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